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Our grandparents and parents were sticklers when it came to mealtime. A true Chinese dinner never had less than four dishes: soup, meat / fish, a vegetable and rice or noodles. Most of the conversation over meals was, well... about food! Which recipes are best, which grocers had the best ingredients, which restaurants served “real” Chinese food, who served what at their house over the holidays, etc.

Our love for the flavors and foods of our youth evolved into a lifelong search for something hard to describe: a certain taste, texture, scent, feeling and yes, emotion that came with the great dishes of the past. Beyond “authentic", our quest has been one of memory and the distinct essence of the well-crafted home cooked Chinese meal. We’ve also expanded our quest to include some remarkable delights we have found on our culinary journey in other parts of the world.


Our mission is to share only the best of our culinary discoveries with you. Your seat is always waiting at RED TABLE GOURMET.


Red Table Gourmet



Back in the day there was a legendary restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown that sold its incredible chili sauce by the jar to its customers.

That sauce became a sensation and was usually out of stock in most Asian markets and shops across the country.


It was the talk of Chinese chili sauce connoisseurs in America and Asia. Until it was no longer available.

That legendary chili sauce is the special one we miss, the one we crave, and the one we have now made our own version of.



Sunday's  were Dim Sum days.


Tea, conversation and an endless parade of delights brought to your table on carts made these meals unforgettable.


Based on a classic Cantonese hot sauce that is typically served with Dim Sum, our Garlic Chili Sauce is delightfully spicy and full of flavor.

Our original recipe is bursting with savory garlic, a touch of sweetness and just the right amount of heat.

It will add new dimensions of flavor to all of your favorite dishes from meat to seafood, noodles to eggs and more.




One of the most memorable restaurants of our youth was EIGHT IMMORTALS in Seattle’s Chinatown. We were thrilled when we were going because they served a sauce that was beyond amazing.


It was soy sauce based, but infused with so many wonderful flavors that it defied description. It was served on fried chicken, steamed fish and other dishes all with subtle differences in flavor. 


Our Soy Ginger Glaze is inspired by that magical sauce. We combine a range of carefully chosen ingredients with soy sauce, cook it all down for hours, strain and restrain and reduce it until we get the right balance of flavors.


It is complex, yet subtle and appealing. Fresh fish, steamed vegetables, rice and noodle dishes as well as ribs and burgers will transform with a gentle brushing.

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