Garlic, Thai Red Bird Chili Peppers and more...

Slow cooked garlic, spicy Thai Red Bird Chilis and a handful of other carefully selected ingredients. The Garlic Chili Sauce is our take on a Cantonese classic we were introduced to by our parents.

When we sat amid the hundreds of busy tables in one of Hong Kong's famous Dim Sum restaurants as kids, we noticed a dish of this sauce was on every table. Sure enough, we asked for more and more as we worked our way through the parade of carts loaded with amazing Dim Sum dishes.

Noodles always accompanied our Dim Sum feast, and we topped them with the garlic chili sauce as well.

Little did we know that this classic sauce was made many different ways depending on cuisines, region and cities across China. Back in the states we found it in American Dim Sum restaurants and even on Asian grocery market shelves, but something was missing: the processed stuff was either flat or overwhelmed with heat, masking real flavor, or else the local stuff was too sweet, watered down for "American" palates.

Our version carries just the right amount of heat to make it dramatic, but also presents a balanced sweetness that compliments the bold garlic flavor.

Try it on all of your own favorites from sandwiches to salads, fried chicken to hot dogs and of course, Dim Sum.