In search of the strange glaze

Recreating and refining a lost classic.

Way, way back, our Uncle Charlie ran a restaurant in Seattle's Chinatown called '8 IMMORTALS. We were always thrilled to go there because of one distinct dish: STRANGE FLAVOR CHICKEN (Gwai Wei Jee). Intrigued?

It was their own variation on a Szechuan dish of a whole sliced fried chicken covered in a sauce that was simply amazing and hard to describe. There was a foundation we recognized: soy, ginger, garlic, black vinegar as well as chilis and green onion, but something give it a sweet and pungent lift. Chinese cooking wine? Some kind of pickled radish? Uncle Charlie would never reveal the recipe.

Now 8 IMMORTALS is long gone. (You can still see the original panel that hung in the main dining room at the Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle.) However we have been craving for, dreaming of and finally are very close to presenting our own version of that long lost sauce.

We call it our SOY GINGER GLAZE. It will transform chicken dishes to be sure, but its best use will be on fresh fish of all varieties. Try it on Salmon, Cod, Whitefish, Halibut and more.

Coming soon to Red Table Gourmet.