We finally made it to market!

It all started around the family dinner table. My mother's penchant for always putting a four course meal down for us became an expectation: small plates of pickled or preserved this and that, meat or fish, soup, a vegetable and of course rice or noodles.

When my sister and I started families of our own we wished we had stood beside our mother's wok when we were younger and took notes. But it wasn't too late: we began a decades long search for the authentic flavors and textures of our mother's Chinese kitchen.

On trips to local restaurants and all the way to China, we spent our spare time trying to recapture something we felt was lost: the patience, thoroughness and integrity that is required to create the exceptional Chinese meal. Before the food processor, before easy recipes, the sound of our mother's large flat blade on the well-worn chopping block was a sure sign that every cut, every slice was done with care. It makes a difference. Ask any serious cook.

Our search for quality has led us to branch out to other cuisines as well: Paris, London, Italy and more. But our hearts and souls remain committed to re-creating Chinese flavors and foods that say "this is what the word authentic means."

That is why we are so proud to present our two signature sauces to the world: The Chili Sauce and The Garlic Chili Sauce. A pair of sauces we believe stand apart in their piquancy, savory flavor, spice and finish. Of course, you will be the final judge of that.

We hope we've done our mother Eleanor proud and dedicate our first products to her.

Eleanor Tsao Wirum